how to flash hisense f20 USING QFIL TOOL

  1. Download and extract the QFIL driver pack and istall
  2. Install the drivers and launch the QFIL flasher by double-clicking the ‘QFIL.exe’ in the QFIL folder
  3. Turn off the device > Hold Vol+ (or both Vol+ and Vol-) and connect it via USB to the PC
  4. Click ‘Browse…’ and select the .mbn file in the ROM folder
  5. Then click Download
  6. The process should take around 10min and the device should auto reboot afterwards
  7. Kindly comment below if you have any further needed assistance on this.

HOW TO FLASH HISENSE F20 SD card upgrade preparation:

  1. The downloaded product software version
    the resulting file named “xxxxx.bin ” is to be copied onto the
    SD card root directory (not inside any folder)
  2. Then insert the SD card onto the phone,
    the battery into the phone.
    Confirm the battery power is greater than 50%
    if the battery is low, please charge;

SD Card upgrade process

  1. At the same time hold down the “volume + ” and “volume
    ” two side keys hold, and then press the power button,
    the phone will automatically enter the TF card upgrade mode to upgrade,
    if the phone does not enter the T card upgrade mode,
    remove Repeat the operation after the battery is discharged.
  2. Wait for about 5 minutes to complete the upgrade, will prompt upgrade success.
    According to the prompt after the upgrade is successful restart,
    if you do not have this prompt, then remove the battery and then loaded,
    And then press the power button to boot,
    upgrade the boot time required for a long time is several times the normal boot time,
    please wait patiently.

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